“Boarding House am Hühnerdieb” -
Welcome to the Heart of Aachen

Modern hospitality, fine gastronomy and historic flair: “Boarding House am Hühnerdieb” is in the heart of the historic city centre of Aachen, right between the cathedral, the city hall and the “Büchel”, and facing the Couven museum, one of the oldest houses of Aachen. Directly in front of the boarding house, on the historic poultry market square, is the fountain sculpture that lent our house its name: the “Hühnerdieb”, or chicken thief.

The house is Aachen tradition with modern comfort. Our eleven rooms have a warm historic old-town flair and invite you to an unforgettable stay in the heart of Aachen. In the house is the Italian restaurant “Al Triangolo”, where your culinary well-being will be well catered for lunchtime and dinnertime. Don’t forget to reserve a table.

We are looking forward to receiving you!